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— Chef's Note —

"Is mochi life, or is life mochi?" - Kanna Makino

Mochi are one of my favorite desserts to make, simply because they're cute, easy, and delicious!

Using a mochi mold is the easiest way to shape them correctly. You can also freeze the ice cream in the molds beforehand to give the ice cream an even, rounded shape if you wish, but I prefer just scooping the ice cream into the dough.

This recipe will make green tea-flavored matcha with vanilla ice cream filling, but flavors and fillings vary. For example, you could swap out the matcha for an equal amount of cocoa powder. Feel free to experiment!

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How to Make Mochi

— Ingredients —

sweet rice flour
3/4 cup 115 g sweet rice flour
1/3 cup 65 g sugar
1 tsp 2 g matcha
3/4 cup 180 mL water
potato starch
1/4 cup 48 g potato starch
(plus extra)
vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup 120 mL vanilla ice cream

— Instructions —

  1. In a small microwave-safe bowl, mix rice flour, sugar, and matcha.
  2. Whisk in water.
  3. Cover loosely with plastic wrap.
  4. Microwave briefly (1 minute), and stir until mostly combined. (It's okay if it's a little lumpy.)
  5. Cover and microwave 1 minute.
  6. Stir the dough again.
  7. Cover and microwave 30 seconds.
  8. Mix well. The consistency should be like dense frosting.
  9. Spread out a dish towel on the counter, and line it with parchment paper. Dust the parchment paper with the potato starch.
  10. Pour out hot dough on the paper (be careful - it will be hot!). Dust with any additional starch.
  11. Roll out dough, and cut into 8-12 circles.
  12. Place circles on a plate, cover, and set in fridge to cool (30 minutes).
  13. Take ice cream out of freezer and allow to soften (5-10 minutes).
  14. Place 1 small scoop of ice cream inside each circle.
  15. Pinch sides and trim excess mochi if needed.
  16. Set in ice cube trays or mochi molds, and place immediately in freezer.
  17. Allow to freeze 1.5 hrs.

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