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— Chef's Note —

"I see! Anpan-man, is it?" - Uncle Jam

Anpan is a type of Japanese sweet roll. You can choose to buy the azuki (red bean) paste filling or make your own as below.

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♦︎ Soreike! Anpanman ♦︎ Clannad ♦︎ Gintama ♦︎ Denshi Sentai Denjiman ♦︎ San-X ♦︎ Log Horizon ♦︎

How to Make anpan

— Ingredients —

1 cup 120 g flour
white sugar
1/3 cup 72 g white sugar
1 tsp 5.7 g salt
instant yeast
1 tsp 3.15 g instant yeast
1 1 egg
4 tbsp 59.15 ml water
2 tbsp 29.57 ml milk
1 tbsp 14.2 g butter
azuki paste
1 cup 197 g azuki paste
(recipe here)
black sesame seeds
black sesame seeds
olive oil
olive oil

— Instructions —

  1. Add yeast to warm water and a little sugar. Wait until nice bubbles form.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine melted butter, milk, and beaten egg. Add to proofed yeast.
  3. In another bowl, combine flour, remaining sugar, and salt. Combine with wet ingredients.
  4. Knead until dough is smooth and elastic (about 5 minutes by electric mixer).
  5. Cover and and let rise in a warm place until doubled (about 1 hour).
  6. Divide the dough into about 8 balls, then cover again and let rise briefly to regain good shape (about 15 minutes).
  7. Preheat oven to 375 degrees (F).
  8. Roll azuki paste into a ball. Then, flatten a ball of dough, place the azuki paste in the center, and wrap the dough around it to seal.
  9. Flatten slightly, to doughnut height. Flip so the sealed side is on the bottom, then press your finger in the center (not all the way through!) to make a slight dent.
  10. Sprinkle black sesame seeds in the center (optional).
  11. Bake until golden brown (about 15 minutes).
  12. Remove from oven. Brush olive oil or egg wash on top (optional).

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