Avocados in Garnet Sauce

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— Chef's Note —

"He taught me how to eat avocados by melting grape jelly and French dressing together in a saucepan and filling the cup of the pear with the garnet sauce." - Esther

I was skeptical of this recipe - the sauce seemed like it might work better with meatballs. But I was intent to try it just like Esther, and I have absolutely no regrets. The sauce thickens so that it doesn't drizzle well, but you should be able to easily scoop it into the cup of an avocado half. Watching the color deepen to garnet as the sauce simmers is magical.

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How to Make Avocados in Garnet Sauce

— Ingredients —

grape jelly
1/2 cup 165 g grape jelly
French dressing
1 cup 237 ml French dressing
1 1 avocado
(at least)

— Instructions —

  1. Combine jelly and dressing in saucepan. Stir and let simmer (about 5 minutes).
  2. Remove from heat. Once cool, peel, halve, and remove seed from the avocado.
  3. Either cut avocado into slices to enjoy with the sauce, or fill each cup of the two avocado halves with dressing like Esther.

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